Advanced Study Group of Spiritism

The GEAE is a group formed on the Internet aiming to study all aspects of the Doctrine and its relations with different fields of human knowledge. 

The group is open to participation of people interested in knowledge of life based on spiritual doctrine codified by Allan Kardec. Is not among the objectives of the group any kind of proselytism, or promote religious or philosophical polemics with those who have other well-defined convictions. We must avoid any kind of fanaticism and seek the way forward that best suits us.

Our History

The group emerged on October 15, 1992 with the initiative of Raul Franzolin Neto, who at the time was in the United States, as a discussion forum about the Doctrine via e-mail. The initial warning to the group's creation was distributed by Bras-net list and since then the GEAE Bulletin began to be distributed weekly, with an ever increasing number of readers. Upon his return to Brazil after the completion of his postdoctoral studies (July 1993), left the publishing and distribution of newsletters to charge José Cid who also resided in the United States in professional studies pHD. Upon returning to Brazil (February 1996) the GEAE has to be directed by an Editorial Board. (See Timeline History GEAE)

Editorial Board

Carlos Alberto Iglesia Bernardo - São Paulo, SP, Brasil

José Cid, Vancouver, Canadá

Raul Franzolin Neto - Pirassununga, SP, Brasil (Editor principal)

Renato Costa, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil

Sérgio Freitas, Brasília, DF, Brasil

Origin of name GEAE

At the time of group formation (October / 1992), I decided to send a message to bras-net network on the Internet, aiming to meet people interested in spiritual doctrine codified by Allan Kardec. How to do that?

With the best intentions in mind and beseeching help to higher spiritual plane and God, I got in reflection for a few days. I decided then, instead of sending a simple question, send a message proposing the formation of a group with the purpose of studying Spiritism. Considering that at that time there was great controversy on various subjects generating heated discussions and disrespectful, I reached the conclusion that it should be clear immediately the intention of forming a group very oganized, integrity and respecting the free thought of all.(Boletim GEAE N.001)

At first I was an apprentice with little intimacy with the e-mail. However, I soon realized the size and the immense potential that the computer network would represent a near future, connecting people worldwide in a fantastic access to global information. I visualized the great technological advances in global communications. On the other hand, I noted that the bras-net was a great forum for scientists, researchers, professionals, students, etc., since the Internet was limited to universities and government research centers.

Having the conviction that Spiritism is a dynamic doctrine in constant evolution, with relevant information still unknown to our present science, identified the possibility of building a group that was both humble time on your goals (moral aspect) and advanced in their studies (scientific and philosophical aspect) with rational discussions in every way, based on Spiritist Codification of Allan Kardec. The word "advanced" means the own infinite EVOLUTION and "study" the way of eternal spirit learning. Advanced studies means thereby to search of TRUTH.

Thus emerged the name, STUDY GROUP ADVANCED SPIRITISTS (GEAE). Of course, this does not mean that it is a group exclusively made up of people with high spiritist knowledge, but people seeking more knowledge about life. Therefore, to fulfill with the group's objectives and its own name, we must seek, through all means possible, information about the Truth of Life, in all its aspects, moral, scientific and philosophical, trying to follow in the path short as possible towards eternal happiness. I figured if we could just start it, the GEAE would grow forever, confident that evolution is infinite and no one can stop it.

That received inspiration to be successful ... (Franzolin Raul Neto)

Matters of interest in GEAE

There is no limitation to the specific topics that can be studied, because Spiritism in its scientific aspects, philosophical and religious, has implications in all the fields of human knowledge. What basically defines the studies is the form of addressing the issues, remaining in the wider use of reason field avoiding sensationalism and blind faith. They are of interest to the group discussions on human life on earth from birth to bodily death and its consequences in continuity after death, in the various spiritual planes. We do not propose to violate the conscience of anyone, leaving everyone the freedom to decide on what best suits you. The supporters of this our vision are always welcome to follow us in the long spiritual evolutionary journey.

Spiritism does not accept derogations from the natural laws under the pretext of divine intervention or supposed magical powers. What is done in the Spiritist doctrine, and is the line followed by the group, is the careful study of the facts and phenomena related to manifestations of the human spiritincarnated or disincarnate and the laws governing the relations between the material and spiritual worlds.
Thusdoes not exist the supernatural in the proper sense of word, but only phenomena that are subject to natural laws of a different kind that are used in day-to-day material life.

Timeline Historic of GEAE



Creation of Advanced Study Group of Spiritism in the United States by Raul Franzolin Neto with distribution of the first GEAE Bulletin, 15/10/1992 in weekly editions via bras-net network.



Raul Franzolin Neto returns to Brazil, and José Cid resident in the United States takes GEAE as editor in chief.



Bulletins distributed in the Brazilian Network



New header adopted for GEAE Bulletins created by João Batista Ferreira Costa



Distribution via Spiritism List



A database is created on Spiritism Institutions



Official launch WWW page of GEAE created by Sergio Freitas and hosted  in New Lisbon University server ( with Ad published in the Bulletin GEAE (133) 25/04 / 1995