Advanced Spiritist Studies Group - GEAE


The GEAE is a virtual group that acts on the Internet with the objective of studying various themes under the vision of the Spiritist Doctrine and its relations with the different areas of human knowledge.

The group is open to the participation of people interested in knowledge about life based on the spiritist doctrine codified by Allan Kardec. It is not part of the objectives of the group any type of proselytism, or to promote religious or philosophical controversy with those who have well defined contrary convictions. We must avoid any kind of fanaticism and seek the way forward that suits us best.

The quest for knowledge about our life on Earth in relation to that existing on the spiritual plane is a fundamental action to comfort our hearts and strengthen us to the new postmortem stage.

By feeling deep in your heart that spiritualism will be useful to you, we can say that you have reached the threshold of a new time for your life. But you must always keep in mind that only with balance and harmony can you make the most of it. As advised by a great spiritual friend: "You have come to the fountain of living water, drink it slowly ..."